NMM x2 & FarCry Tuesday

just letting you all know that tonight there are two events running:
New Map Monday on FCI:P
New Map Monday on FCI:E
so be sure to drop in to either of the matches and pick up the new maps for the week!

Tommorow is FarCry Tuseday hosted by Brimtown
he will be playing STS with six maps.
be sure to drop in for some oldschool FarCry action!


TGIW Rainbow Six Vegas Edition

This Wednesday since I'm not too sure if i will have a copy of FarCry or not. . .
so i will be hosting in Rainbow Six Vegas! what i need you guys to decide if we should play the new maps, the old maps or a mixture of the two?
I can host Twelve people in Rainbow Six so that's the number of spots open
we will play a mixture of Sharpshooter and Survival modes, both teams and free for all.
so remember to Take out Rainbow Six Vegas for a night on the town

VoK Co-Leader
The Govener

GD 2.0 Online

Yesterday in the wee hours of the night GD 2.0 launched!
now to most of you that don't know what GD is then Shame on you... Genesis Device is a Map Making Group (not clan)
They have been working on this new site for a long time & it lives up to the standards that GD has brought to mapmaking.
so if you haven't already checked it out then get over there right away! (still visit our forums K?)

VoK Co-Leader
The Govener


Welcome to Clan VoK

We here at Clan VoK welcome you to our blog.
now we don't want to think of this place as a blog, we would rather you think of it as a bulletin board or a news archive.
We will be posting Clan Videos, Clan Stats, Game Reviews & Many other VoK related material here.
Please be sure to check back daily for news and other great things!

VoK Co-Leader
The Govener